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We are Bluescreen Computer Repair located in Fort Walton Beach, FL. We are part of your local community and care deeply about our professional reputation. We service all makes and models of laptop and desktop computers with any hardware or software issues. Our offer to you is simple, we will fix all the problems your having with your computer for a flat rate of $65 (Excluding Parts) We offer a 10% Military discount for active duty and retired service members and thank you for your service to our country. We look forward to helping you get your computer working better than new.


 Thank You for your interest in allowing us the opportunity to help you resolve all your current computer issues, now and in the future. We troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair all of your hardware and software issues at a fair price. Our shop has the experience and ability to service any and all models of laptop and desktop computers. We have the latest tools and equipment needed to properly repair the modern systems that are being designed today. All of our services are backed by a 30 Day warranty.

$165 Return Time 1-4 Hours

$65 Return Time 1-5 Business Days

$135 Return Time 1 Business Day

$95 Return Time 1-2 Business Days

Not Charging or Receiving Power?


Over time plugging and unplugging your laptop can cause the DC Jack to become loose or even broken and no longer charge your laptop. If you have to wiggle the power plug on the laptop to get it to charge, or stick something under it to wedge it a certain way then you have a broken power jack. If your laptop is doing this, unplug it and bring it to us immediately. If not what happens is the power will arch from the dc jack and ground itself to a circuit chip on the motherboard and kill the computer for good.  If this is the case then our $80 fix can lead to a $300 fix, so its important to fix ASAP.


The total cost for this type of repair 

Flat Rate Repair $65

New Dc Jack $15

Total Repair Cost $80

Laptop Power Plug Repair  $80

Replace Broken LCD Laptop Screen


Laptops are made to be mobile and this can sometimes lead to accidents in dropping the computer.  There are 2 different kinds of screens available for laptops, Matt no glare finish and Glossy reflective screens. There are also 2 different types of screens CCFL, and LED. Our shop has lots of laptop LCD screens in stock and are ready to replace your broken one with a brand new one that will come with a 1 year replacement warranty that covers lines, no image, discoloration, and dead pixels.

If your screen is in stock we replace it the same day we receive the laptop.


The total cost for this type of repair 

Flat Rate Screen Swap $45

Screen Price $80 to $130

Average Repair Cost $140



Broken Laptop Screen $140

Cant Connect To Internet


Computers are primarily used to connect to the internet for browsing, research, & communication. When you are unable to connect to the internet or stay connected it can get very frustrating. We can determine why you are having connectivity issues and resolve the problems correctly so you are able to get back online and stay connected. We can identify the reason for restricted access either local access or full internet access.


The total cost for this type of repair 

Flat Rate Repair $65

Total Repair Cost $65



No Internet Connection $65

Laptop Not Turning On, DEAD


We specialize in laptop repair and are experts with disassembling , troubleshooting, and re-assembling everything to the point that you can never tell we took the laptop apart. Our extensive experience troubleshooting laptops enables us to identify the issue, verify the source of the problem, and replace the faulty component. We will contact the customer with the price of new or used replacement parts that our shop keeps on hand for fast return time on your computer. If the repair price exceeds what the customer is willing to pay then, we will make a reasonable offer to purchase the laptop for parts.


The total cost for this type of repair 

Flat Rate Repair $65

Total Repair Cost $65


Laptop Troubleshooting  $65

Viruses, Malware, and Spyware


Computers are susceptible to many different types of infections, Viruses, Malware, and Spyware. Viruses can delete your files, monitor your keystrokes, or provide hackers with remote access. Malware is a deceptive program that scares you into purchasing security software, FBI Infection is Malware. Spyware invades your privacy and targets adds to you based on your online activity. All these types of infections can be removed in our shop and we will install 3 free protection programs that will help you keep your computer clean of most infections.


The total cost for this type of repair 

Flat Rate Repair $65

Total Repair Cost $65

Infected Computer $65

Laptop Getting Really Hot!


Dust can be the worst enemy for your Laptop or Desktop computer. Luckily computers can protect themselves from overheating and catching on fire by a safety feature called thermal shutdown, this can cause you to loose all your unsaved work or even make your computer unable to load back into windows. What happens is that the fan and heat sink get clogged with dust and this will not allow air flow to cool down the processor to normal operating temperatures. So if your laptop is getting really hot or the fan is getting loud bring it into the shop so we can get it fixed before it becomes a serious problem.


The total cost for this type of repair 

Flat Rate Repair $65

Total Repair Cost $65

Computer Overheating  $65

Hardware & Software Upgrades


Laptops and Desktops are able to have many different types of upgrades both software and hardware. Upgrades are great when your computer is not able to keep up with your requirements or are wanting to demand more out of your computer. We can make your computer faster, have more storage and update your operating systems to the latest Windows 8 OS. We have most of the upgrade parts in stock and are ready to help you with anything you need. We install ram for Free even if you purchase it somewhere else.


(speed)  Ram Memory $15 to $40

(storage) Hard Drives $30 to $120

Windows Installs $65 without OS

Computer Upgrades $65

Component Level Circuit Repair


Our shop has the equipment, resources, and knowledge to troubleshoot all kinds of different circuit boards that are used in electronics. We have repaired TV’s Stereo Receivers, PCM for cars, Transmission Controllers, GPS Units, Power Supplies, Motherboards, Video Cards and other small circuit boards. We can fix Capacitors, Resistors, Transistors, photo cells, diodes, Transformers, bad solder joints, and burnt circuit traces.


Replacement Components $1 –$15

Labor $65

Circuit Board Repair $65

Lights But No Video On Screen


When you turn your computer on and see all the lights and hear the fan, cd drive, and hard drive, but are not able to see anything on the screen then the most likely thing that has occurred is the computer got to hot and a GPU chip near the processor overheated and the solder melted causing the chip float up resulting in no video. We have the equipment and knowledge to fix this issue and a modification that keeps it from re occurring in the future. We are the only shop in Okaloosa County that offers this service and are able to fix your motherboard rather than replacing it like other computer repair shops would.


Reflow Repair Service $85

Flat Rate Repair $65

Total Cost $150

Lights But No Video $150

MacBook and IMAC Reapirs


Your broken apple computer can be repaired rather than replacing it. Apple systems are built differently than windows based pc’s, and have a completely different process in troubleshooting and repairing these systems.  One example of this, an apple system has a processor that is integrated onto the motherboard and attached with solder, however a windows based system has a removable processor. To remove and troubleshoot complex systems takes specialty equipment and are very time consuming.


Flat Rate Mac Repair $200

Apple Computer Repair $200

Customize Your Desktop


We can consult, assist, design, and build any type of desktop that you need. We recommend any custom built system to be at least a quad core with  8 gig of ram. This is the lowest system you would want to build and has the ability to handle many demanding needs for the average person. We can configure your system on a raid array for faster read and write access along with automatic data cloning to a second hard drive.  If you’re a fan of Windows and Linux we can configure Dual operating systems so you are prompted what operating system you want to log on to when starting your computer.


(Price of desired computer parts)

Flat Rate of $65

Custom Built Systems $65

Wireless Encryption Setup


Wireless network are extremely useful for mobility but it can be a pain  if you are having trouble. If your network is not secured you can bet that there is a neighbor using it. When there is multiple people using your network your bandwidth speed is cut way down resulting in slow internet. Also if the router is not configured properly you can be loosing range of your wireless signal. We can help by configuring the settings in your wireless router to have it secured and broadcasting the strongest signal possible. If you need your router programed bring it to the shop with the power cord and we will get you fixed right up


Wireless Setup $25

Wireless Router KEY $65

Recover Lost Data off Hard Drive


Our experience and equipment at our shop gives us the opportunity to recover all of your information from your External Hard Drive, Desktop Hard drive, or Laptop Hard Drive. If you accidently formatted and reloaded windows realizing that you never backed up your data we can get it all back for you. If your hard drive is not showing up in my computer or not able to boot from it we can also get it back for you. Hard drives have physical moving parts inside them and this makes them vulnerable to accidents that cause Read and Write errors that will stop you from accessing the data. Don’t worry we can help you.


Data Recovery $100

(Covers 1TB Recovery)

“Bring another drive for storage”


Data Recovery $100

Remote Accessable Camera System


Camera systems are very useful and  can bring a piece of mind for you when your away. You can monitor your home or workplace from your smart phone or computer. If something happens you can review the incident and see first hand what happened. We can advise you on the best camera system for your needs. We are authorized Zmodo resellers and can get you the best price for the latest systems available today. We can sell you the system, you install it and we will configure it. 


A Standard 8ch DVR with cameras and a 1 TB hard drive is less than $300


Configuration for remote access on computer and smart phone $100

ZMODO Surveillance

New Computer Setup


When you buy a new computer it needs to be set up before you can start using it. New computers come with all kinds of useless programs and trial programs. We will remove the junk that comes on  new computers and remove the trial protection programs and install free full protection programs. We will also transfer all your data from your old computer to your new computer. We will scan and remove all your infections from your old computer before we transfer the data to your new computer.


Flat Rate of $65

New Computer Setup


 Bluescreen Computer Repair has a unique collection of new, used, and refurbished parts in stock that we have accumulated over the past few years in business. We have lots of laptop and desktop computer parts in stock and this allows us to have a fast turn around time on broken computers needing parts. If you are an individual or a company and are needing certain computer parts to get your computer fixed, swing on by and we will find you what you need. All used parts sold come with a 30 day warranty. Our refurbished parts come with a 90 day warranty. New parts come with a 1 year warranty. If we don't have it in stock we can help you find it.

Laptop Parts

Laptop Screens



Web Cameras

Video Cables

Touch Pads


Laptop Chargers



Hard Drives

Heat Sinks

Cooling Fans

Wifi Cards

DVD Drives

CMOS Batteries

Laptop Hinges

Screen Bezels

Laptop Bases

Hard Drive Caddys

Power supplies

Mother Boards

Ethernet Cables

Wireless Routers

Power Cords

Video Cards

& Many Other Parts



Bluescreen Computer Repair as of 1 September 2013 is open Monday to Thursday from 10am to 2pm & open all day Friday from 10am to 7pm. Due to customer requests of faster return on their computers and the volume of systems we service weekly we are closed to the public after 2pm. This gives us the ability to repair more systems daily expediting the return of your computer. We listen to our customers requests and are attempting to create a schedule that allows us to have your computer fixed as quickly as possible. We understand that not having a computer for a week is difficult and hope this new schedule will reunite you with your fixed computer faster. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you, hope you understand the reasons for the new shop hours.