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Flat Rate Fee

We are Bluescreen Computer Repair located in Fort Walton Beach, FL. We are part of your local community and care deeply about our professional reputation. We can repair any computer, laptop or desktop, with hardware or software issues. Our typical repair time is 1 to 5 days, but time can vary depending on the severity of the issues and availability of parts.  We honor our repairs and offer a 30 day warranty!



Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm

850-803-1986 or 850-803-1952

Laptop Power Plug

Broken Laptop Screen

Severely Infected

Running Slow

Getting Very Hot

Blue Screen Error

Not Turning On

No Internet






$65 Flat Rate Repair ~~ Remote Support Only.

Will cover all time needed to resolve the issue your having.

If you computer gets on the internet this service is your best option. 


$125 Onsite Support covers 2 hours.

We come to you and service what you have there. Most issues are resolved in 1-2 hours. $40 each additional hour


$100 Pick Up and Drop Off service  ~~Best Service ~~~

We show up discuss the issues your having, remove system, repair at shop, deliver and free hookup.


$165 Emergency Support Covers 1 hour only  Each additional hour is $100

Service includes onsite support, if unable to resolve onsite a free delivery will be included if systems needs to be taken offsite for repairs. 


All prices shown cover labor only and no needed parts required for proper repair. If parts are needed customer has choice to order parts from us or order parts directly them selves.  If we show up for onsite support and have to return for parts needed to be ordered we charge an additional $25 Travel Fee

Laptop Not Charging or Receiving Power?

Over time plugging and unplugging your laptop can cause the DC Jack to become loose or even broken and no longer charge your laptop. If you have to wiggle the power plug on the laptop to get it to charge, or stick something under it to wedge it a certain way then you have a broken power jack. If your laptop is doing this, unplug it and bring it to us immediately. If not what happens is the power will arch from the dc jack and ground itself to a circuit chip on the motherboard and kill the computer for good.  If this is the case then our $80 fix can lead to a $300 fix, so its important to fix ASAP.


Laptop Power Plug Repair 

Laptop Not Turning On, DEAD

We specialize in laptop repair and are experts with disassembling , troubleshooting, and re-assembling everything to the point that you can never tell we took the laptop apart. Our extensive experience troubleshooting laptops enables us to identify the issue, verify the source of the problem, and replace the faulty component. We will contact the customer with the price of new or used replacement parts that our shop keeps on hand for fast return time on your computer. If the repair price exceeds what the customer is willing to pay then, we will make a reasonable offer to purchase the laptop for parts.


Laptop Troubleshooting

Some Solutions That We Can Offer You Are:

Laptop Getting Really Hot!

Dust can be the worst enemy for your Laptop or Desktop computer. Luckily computers can protect themselves from overheating and catching on fire by a safety feature called thermal shutdown, this can cause you to loose all your unsaved work or even make your computer unable to load back into windows. What happens is that the fan and heat sink get clogged with dust and this will not allow air flow to cool down the processor to normal operating temperatures. Not only will this cause the computer to overheat and shutdown, the dust can also get inside the fan bearings and cause the fan to wobble, become very loud and also fail completely.  So if your laptop is getting really hot or the fan is getting loud bring it into the shop so we can get it fixed before it becomes a serious problem.


Computer Overheating 

Replace Broken LCD Laptop Screen

Laptops are made to be mobile and this can sometimes lead to accidents in dropping the computer.  There  are 2 different kinds of screens available for laptops, Matt no glare finish and Glossy reflective screens. There are also 2 different types of screens CCFL, and LED. Our shop has lots of laptop LCD screens in stock and are ready to replace your broken one with a brand new one that will come with a 1 year replacement warranty.

The total cost for this type of repair 



Replace Broken LCD Screen

Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm

850-803-1986 or 850-803-1952


Flat Rate Fee